Should I change my training plan?

Hi there,

I started using TR in October on the low volume Sustained Power Build - thinking that this is what I need to work on. I finished the programme and started doing the same programme again but have really hit some sort of wall - it seems both physically and mentally. I haven’t had massive jumps in my FTP, it’s been creeping up from 162 to 172 (bit rubbish I know :wink: my only saving grace is that I’m quite light though at 56kg… not even sure if this is relevant in TR!?!). I have also been doing maybe one ride outside and also working once a week with a PT in the gym. Anyway, round two of this programme and I’ve messed it up at week 4 after the Ramp test in that I felt tired, under the weather, christmas has happened and I’m still not feeling it, so I pushed back the sessions but still unable to complete the workouts. I’m really at a loss as to what to do about this… should I choose a different programme maybe go to Base or work at a lower intensity on the Sustained Power Build?

Any advise welcomed.

Many thanks. Karen

Hi Karen

First concratulation to your FTP improvment of about 6%. This is in the common range. When i have an improvement of 6% i’m pretty happy with the result.
For the training plan i would recomend you to start with Seet Spot Base Low Volume, especialy when you started the first time with structerd training.
After the base phase you are ready to progess to the more intense build plans.


Hi Karen,

I would second what @klettern0 has already said. Start your training in the Sweet Spot Base phases. If you have time, it’s advisable to complete both Sweet Spot Base I & II. This will give an excellent foundation for the Build phase.

The Build phases are where the work gets tough. I’m not surprised that you feel like you’ve hit a wall. If you want to continue with your Build phase, I would suggest dropping the workout intensity by 5% and see how you go from there.

Good luck.


As above, the workout plans are designed to be run in phases. Jumping into the sustained power build will put a physiological load on your body that it probably isn’t ready for.

Have a read of this FAQ on base training

Especially this quote here, taken from the FAQ

Some riders may be tempted to bypass their base training, but if you’re new to the rigors of high-intensity training or you’ve been off the bike for an extended period of time, a focus on base training is especially important. Don’t skip it.

Sweet spot base phase 2 is especially important, as it specifically prepares you for the rigours of sustained power work.


This choice was a big mistake. It is NOT a good idea to do two Build Phases back to back. Build Phase is arguably the most demanding phase in the TR world. I am not at all surprised that you blew up in the middle of the 2nd one.

For clarity, the best and recommended training progression is as follows:

  1. Start with Base Phase (12 weeks),
  2. Move to Build Phase (8 weeks),
  3. Finish with Specialty Phase (8 Weeks).

This is the normal plan. There can be alterations, but there are good and bad ways to bounce between them to extend, shorten, or modify the progression.

I would recommend asking for advice before doing any modification that you haven’t read from a recommended TR blog, podcast or forum post.

Depending on what you have planned for your season, you probably need to take 1-2 weeks of super easy and unstructured riding to reset. Then take an existing plan progression and follow it as directed via the plan info.


Oh gosh, thank you so much for all of this… I’ve really messed it up haven’t I :frowning:

Stupidly, I didn’t really read much and choose a plan based on my thoughts about what I needed to work on. I will certainly be reading or asking for advise going forward. No wonder I’m feeling so rubbish - at least now I now know why so feeling a bit more cheery having asked and been told :slight_smile:

I’ve entered the Etape in the French Alps end of July - a scary and exciting challenge for me this year.

So it seems that I should start with the Base Phase Low Volume 1 and then Volume 2 …

Thank you so much everyone :slight_smile: I’m loving TR and the community :+1:


Don’t feel bad, think of it as learning from the mistakes of others!

Your workout time hasn’t been wasted, as you’ve seen improvements. Think of it as just resetting and moving on


Also your power to weight ratio is pretty good especially as you are new to structured training and still making good gains. This will really help you in the hills. If you look at other people’s ftp’s it can be disheartening but most people are not as lightweight as you. Good luck with it all (from a fellow small light rider :wink:)

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