Choosing Your Training Plan

Choosing your Training Plan


I just signed up for Trainer Road. Background. Currently 64 yo Former Master’s racer mid pack in Nor Cal, last raced in 2010. Pretty much put the bike away for the next 6 yrs. Started riding this spring, painfully slowly. Gradually improved where I could keep up on the local group rides for the most part. Injured a calf muscle doing the Coeur d’Fondo. Currently off the bike until November. Should I start with Traditional Base or Sweet Spot Base?

I have currently have completed the base phase high volume plan and. Have scheduled a build phase general power high volume. My question is should I do build base 2 or sustainable power build plan, thank you for any feedback

For clarity: You completed Sweet Spot Base High Vol 1 & Sweet Spot Base High Vol 2?

  • If so, you should move on to the Sustained Power Build phase.

If all you did was Sweet Spot Base High Vol 1,

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Thank you Chad for clarifying the next step of the plan as sweep spot 2 is my next requirement. I appreciate your feedback

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