Running Training Programs

I think you touched on this a bit in the Calendar launch podcast but I think it would be great if TrainerRoad had pure running plan for different distances (with the same 3 volumes you currently have for plans).

I currently use TR for triathlon training but considering focusing on running after my next tri race, as this is my weakness and I want to defeat my demon of the marathon (such a soul destroying distance). I want to stay on TR as I love the subscription model and that I get the training programs with it.



@benporteous. Give the book Run Less, Run Faster a look. I use that for all my run training and was able to take my half-marathon from a 2:09 to a 1:39 in 9 months. They have training plans from 5k to marathon with only 3 runs a week.


Thanks for the tip. I’m also interested in the 80/20 training by Matt Fitzgerald, my brother loves it, but I’m looking for something to auto-populate my TrainerRoad calendar.
I know TP is an option but I don’t want to pay for another training platform, plus I would have to pay for the 80/20 plan on top of the TP subscription.

@benporteous TP is free if you don’t want to see their charts and graphs. I just use it to input my running workouts and have it push directly to my 935. The other nice part is it is based of Threshold Pace so all the workout scale as I get faster just like FTP in TR.

Do you input the workouts manually or does it auto-populate?

@benporteous I build the workouts once and save it to a workout folder. After that, I just drag them into the calendar and the pace automatically adjust for my current Threshold Pace. The TP ConnectIQ app on my Garmin looks for the current days workout and automatically syncs with my watch.

The Jack Daniels plans (e.g. the 2Q plan) tend to work well for multi-sport athletes. They are centered around a couple of quality/key workouts each week, which allow you to weave in other sports and cross-training more easily.

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