TrainingPeaks plan vs adaptive training

I think i am being an idiot and just need some clarification.

Am training for 140.6 next year, i’ve purchased an off the shelf plan from TP (premium). Is it possible to use TR adaptive training to recommend changes/adaptations to this plan based on FTP and improvements? in affect deviating from the plan for custom improvements on the bike?

I need structured training in my life hence the off the shelf plan.

I did a half iron this way last year - basically I scheduled a half iron in TR, and used the plan in Training Peaks -then just ignored the rides in Training peaks and followed the TR plan for the bike.

Worked well for me - the trick was making sure the bike days lined up in both TR and TP, but you can drag things around.

TR won’t make changes to the Running or Swimming portions of the TP plan - that will all be static.

Good luck with the full iron - I’m doing the same next year !

Thanks Linsey, i’ve done a few 70.3’s this year and stuck to the regimented off the shelf TP plan’s but seen little/limited improvement on the bike (which is my strongest discipline) so needing to try something new to get faster and TR’s approach has attracted me to at least consider a change even if for a couple of months.

Did you take into account TSS? or fatigue from altering away from the program not affect you?

Hoping TR’s new approach to triathlon will include some functionality at somepoint to adapt some of these off the shelf third party plans with recommended alternates.

I didn’t really pay attention to TSS if I’m honest !

Bike is also my strongest element of Tri - I was also cycling into work 1 day a week and basically just ignored that ride :slight_smile:

I’m also hoping that there’s some Tri related work going on in the background - With coach Jonathon doing Tri’s and the running analytics I’m hoping that’s all pointing in a good direction for us !

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