New to TrainerRoad, Questions

Hi All I’m new to this platform, it was recommended by a friend. I’ve been using Training Peaks since 2010. I was then a cyclist up until 2019. I have changed to Triathlon. I have been considering using a coach but am looking at all options. This was recommended to me after having difficulty getting my Wahoo Kickr Snap to work out well. I have a million and one questions but don’t know where to start. I’ve been looking at reviews, listened to the pod cast and am still a bit confused.

First off, My aim this coming year is 70.3 triathlon. My background is Time trials up to 12hr. I’ve looked at the work outs/plans. For my style of racing/pacing the intervals seem very short? I’ve always preferred pushing FTP up over time. Are there any plans like this? I have been using an 80/20 approach and Tri-plan this year with some success until being hit with COVID in August. I’m a bit confused about how TR plans can adapt accurately whilst doing swim and run workouts?
TrainingPeaks(TP) and Garmin seems to work well for the Analytics.

  1. What has drawn me to TR is the new Adaptive Training.
  2. Can an 80/20 plan be imported effectively or able to import plans at all?
  3. As neither TP, 80/20 or TR adapt swim and run work outs, would I be better to use TR for the cycling part and leave the swim and run to a plan outside TR?

There are many more questions but I’m still trying to work out how best to balance how I train.
After all, the off-season is when to experiment!


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I don’t think you can import training plans. They do have a polarized option that you can use. If you haven’t already, you should check out the successful athletes podcast. Some of the guests are triathletes or do ultramarathon type events and used TR to prepare for their races.

I think most people leave the swim and run part outside TR, but you’ll probably get better answers for that in the thread that was shared.

Maybe you have already done this, but I think the best way to get a feel for TR is to play around with plan builder. You don’t need to sign up to look at plans if I remember right. build a low volume plan, mid volume plan, high volume plan and see what they look like. It seems like most people use a low volume plan, do all three workouts during the weekdays and then save longer rides for the weekends. If you wanted to have workouts for longer intervals, this could be a good option for you.

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