TR Equivalent for Running

Hello all - My wife is looking to up her running game, and needs a structured plan to help her. Are there any apps or programs you’ve used that offer a TR-like progression process and structure but for running? She’s mostly a treadmill runner if that matters. What have you used and liked? As a cyclist, I know next to nothing about running and running training, but I’d like to help her.

How experienced is she as a runner? I personally love Petes stuff and use this all the time when I was running a lot.

In terms of apps, I think Stryd is probably the closest thing that exists to TrainerRoad for running. It doesn’t have anything like adaptive training, but it has:

  • Running with “power” (with the caveats that there’s no standard definition of running power, running watts probably don’t mean anything, yadda yadda, etc. but regardless of what the number they show you means, it’s worked well for me for pacing)
  • Automatic critical power calculation
  • Training plan builder, with multiple volume options for various distances
  • Workout library, with support for both outdoor and treadmill runs
  • Running metrics & trend analysis tools
  • Race pace calculator
  • Integration with Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin, etc.

Thanks! That looks like what I was looking for in terms of a program that helps with pacing/managing fatigue etc. I understand the caveats on pure power etc, but at the end of the day if it produces results that’s what matters. Thanks also to Eric for the book recommendation, but I’m looking for something that provides more of the coaching/feedback/structure of TR and not just a book to read and try to implement.

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Garmin Connect have customisable run plans. Also, I think Wild.Ai have options (haven’t used this myself).

The book has plans that are very good for experienced runners but I get what you mean.

As a track and XC coach, I like the Jack Daniel’ Running Formula. A similar app approach would be V.02, Custom Training Plans | V.O2
Final Surge also has plans for sale.

Hey @JMacII Good question :grinning: Put another in your list: Trenara

Stryd recommend again here but having done a few outside, I have found them hard to follow if I’m not on mostly flat ground. Also find with my Garmin Venu2 when using the Stryd IQ app outdoors it doesn’t record a GPS track. Do find that annoying. I think other Garmin watches, Fenix etc will GPS track. Guess it’s what happens when you don’t have a pure running watch!

I’ve also started dipping into the Zwift running plans. I’ve started going through the Zwift academy ones. So far I’ve enjoyed them and they are easy to follow and adjust on the fly. The cavet here is you probably need a pc, display and treadmill. Also if you want to record correct power with the stryd, and want to use Treadmill incline, you end up having to juggle with the Stryd phone app and tell it what incline your on. The Stryd pod alone will not track treadmill incline indoors, you have accompany it with the Stryd app to do so.

Note: The Stryd app will currently not track negative incline on a treadmill.

All above first world problems, but they annoy me!

Edit: Make stryd incline power indoors more clear

with this App you have AI for Running, for cycling too!

german/english UI

Thanks for this info. Currently she is 100% indoors, and given where we live I think she’ll stay that way. Seems like Stryd would work well given not needing GPS and being able to manage incline on the treadmill.

If she’s after Training Plans I’ve used the McMillan run calculator via the link below and then followed the plan that the calculator sets for you:

Just updated my post above, just to make the incline tracking of the Stryd more clear and to state it currently doesn’t track negative incline.

I don’t use my negative incline on my treadmill at this time so not an issue. Again annoying if you do as you won’t get the correct power recorded via the app. I’ve raised this with Stryd support but they don’t seem interested.

second vote for the Daniels program. Used it to run a 2:42 marathon (in my much younger days). Very precise, individualized program

Run With Hal app.