Marathon Training Plan (Not Cycling)

Hey there, I’ve been using Trainer Road off and on for over two years now and I wanted to see if there is a way to plan for another event other than cycling into the Training Plans. I know this isn’t a cycling question so please forgive me but I figured I’d ask since there are triathletes who also use trainer road. I currently have the Training Plan for my Marathon (again running 26.2 miles) as a Cross Country Marathon plan and gave myself 5 hours to finish this. I’d like to keep training for my cycling fitness though I don’t have any other cycling events planned at the moment. My main goal is to be in good shape to run a marathon while also maintaining or even improving my fitness on the bike. Without overdoing it of course. If you have any helpful advice that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks agian, BirdNerd

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You can use the calendar and add your run workouts manually.

go to calendar and hit “other workout” and enter you runs.

A couple features that are nice, 1 it will keep track of your total run time per week, and two if you add your TSS you will see your bike and run TSS combined.

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I do this!!

You can follow another running plan and use train now to choose good cycling workouts.

What I do: follow a full triathlon plan and only run the marathon at the end :rofl::rofl:. For me, I’ve avoided injury and enjoyed this. Definitely not the fastest way to get running fitter. I have no regrets about this, has done marvels for my body.


Thanks! I didn’t realize they had triathlon programs. I’ll try that

Thanks @MikeMckinney, I just figured that feature out. I was looking more for a training plan. I think I’ll try the triathlon plan and just delete the swimming

Ahhh I understand, Sorry I assumed you already had a running plan and were just wanting to add it. Yes, just deleting the swims will work from a full distance plan.