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All of my triathlons have been canceled, so I’m setting my sights for a half-marathon in November. I want to keep using the TR plan in order to keep swimming and cycling in the mix. Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? I’m thinking of doing a low volume sprint or olympic plan and then substitute my own tempo, interval and long runs in for the run workouts. (that way I won’t get too tired on the bike). Another option would be to do the 70.3 TR plan and scale back the bike/swim workouts. Any thoughts? I’m thinking of starting with build phase. thanks for your time and knowledge.

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I would go with the 70.3 plan and set the date out so you spend your cycling time in base. That should ensure you don’t overdo it on the bike and take away from your run training. Since you are substituting your own run training it won’t be a problem that everything is base centric. Do you have any run specific resources to help you structure that portion of your plan?

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Thanks for the speedy reply. That’s smart: 70.3 starting at base to keep the cycling easy. I did a Jack Daniels 13.1 plan a few years ago. Was basically going to use that. 3 runs/ week. Tempo, intervals and LSD. Unless you have other suggestions?

Daniels is a great resource. I come from a running background so I pull from a bunch of different resources, the main one is Rogue Running (there’s a podcast called the Running Rogue Podcast). I would emphasize 1 speed day (whether that is 800’s, true tempo, or some fartlek work) and an LSD. Depending on your available training time I’d also do a medium-long run (7-9 miles unless you’re an experienced runner then 10-12 miles, at LSD pace). If you don’t have the time/capacity for an MLR keep that 3rd run easy (think Pettit for running).

This is pretty subjective though so your running experience should determine whether deviation from these general guidelines is a good idea. For example, if you’re less experienced as a runner using time based runs rather than distance based ones can be a great idea.

Yeah, my thoughts were pretty similar to the above posters- assuming the half-marathon is more or less your 'A" race, I think you’ll get a lot more from the Daniel’s plans by keeping the cycling fairly easy and being able to hit those key run workouts with fresh legs. You’ll also get the benefit of some additional aerobic stimulus from the swimming and cycling, which will compliment the more intense sessions if you’re only running 3 times a week.

I’m also a big fan of focusing on swim technique during a heavy run/bike block- makes for great active recovery without too much additional stress, and it sets you up really nicely to nail those harder swim sessions when tri season rolls around again :slight_smile:


Thanks to you both. I’m psyched to do try and improve my run; that’s where I lose my triathlons. I pass them on the bike and they pass me on the run. And any excuse to swim with the pull buoy is wonderful!!!

No problem and good luck!

In case you’re interested here is a link to a great episode covering half marathon prep:

Running Rogue Podcast: What Does the Race Require? (Part 3) - 10k and HM

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I agree with using base rather than Build.

The other thing to consider is using the minus variations of the suggested TR workouts. These are designed to give you the same physiological adaptations, but with less training stress. Allowing you to put a bit more training stress into your run training.

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Try here

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