Additional ramp test

Hello everyone!

After a couple weeks with a base plan I’ve taken a week rest because it was impossible to train during holidays.

Since the first ramp test I did was done after a lot of training, does it make sense to make a new ramp test to adjust where I am and continue the training plan with adaptative training?

Will TR update my ftp with the new ramp test or it will wait until it has schedule it?

Thanks in advance!

If you’ve only took a week of i would just continu with the plan. If it’s to hard AT will adjust it for you. But most likely you haven’t lost that much after only a week off.

For the other question. After a ramp test you’ll always get the question if you want to accept that.

I’ve just checked and it was 16 days.

The problem to analize whether is easy or hard is that I’m not used to train like this, so I don’t understand how sweetspot or threshold should feel like.

Plus, when I did the test I didn’t have proper cooling.

Do you still recommend to keep up with the plan?


If you’re not sure, there’s nothing against doing another ramp test. Just to be sure.

Thanks a lot for your help!