Reset AT plan - rest week after vacation

Ive been doing SSB1/MV to start my “training plan” this year and just getting to the end where there is a rest week coming up in a week. The question is - i just got back from a week of vacation, so i dont really need the rest week. How do I adjust the current plan - do i remove and re-add the SSB1/MV to shift a week forward and pick up the week I missed, or just move on to SSB2?

You mean after 27 February there’s a rest week? (That’s where your screenshot’s cut off.)

If I understand correctly, I would just start SSB2 per 28 Feb/1 March.

week of Feb21 is basically a rest/recover week with all low endurance rides. I think i had all the rest i needed on vacation, so i was leaning toward putting in some SS workouts that week (or like you said, just starting SSB2)

Similar situation for here, on vacation next week and won’t be able to ride but when I come back I have a recovery week (easy rides) and then a ramp test. I’ll be doing the AI FTP so a bit worried a week off then a super easy week will throw that off.

Thought about replacing them with Train Now workouts but then worried it’d throw off the next week of my plan.

Basically…also in for the answer.

I was in the same situation and just replaced all of the recovery rides with whatever ride (or similar to) was scheduled for that day of the following week. AT adjusted my progression levels and changed that next week.

So if I’m understanding you correctly did you just basically do the same workouts for 2 weeks in a row? With the exclusion of the PLs changing of course.

Was AT smart enough to turn down your TSS since you’re basically adding another week of high levels when it was supposed to be “easy”?

I do not think that AT does this. Right now it looks at like kind workouts and adapts to meet your current level. So you would end up with a 7 week block instead of 6 for SSB2.

This is correct. Currently in my 6th week of a 7 week SSB2 block. (Or technically the first week was a build week, but the result is the same.)