AT and missing a recover week

6 weeks into ssb (LV+ 4-5hrs z2), time for a rest.

Except the week I’d planned for a rest I’m away with friends (great you think) but they have all brought their bikes so we seem to be doing 4hrs a day.

This is why we train - so I’m not missing it, but since you can’t push or pull weeks to give myself recovery - how should I AT this?

  1. manually alternate ssb2 week 1 for recovery rides and just do a 1 week shorter ssb2

  2. try and truck through without recovery (my quads hurt!) And just not add any volume until I feel strong again

  3. delete my plan, put the activities in as retrospective c races and let plan builder recalculate (losing a week of build or speciality somewhere down the line)

  4. something else (like do a mini recovery with no riding m-thu and then squeeze in the first week of ssb2 on Friday sat Sunday).

I would add time off using a notation in your calendar for the week you get back. The notation will take care and figure your plan out again - this is the new way instead of pushing weeks from my understanding.

I could not go from ssb1 to ssb2 without a week with no intensity and time to recover a bit. Then I’d just add in whatever recovery rides your want - I’d probably do 3 Pettits or something myself.


What @Buckethead said :point_up:t4: :ok_hand:t4: