Missing recovery week of SSB 1 (week 6)

I know topics similar to this have been discussed but maybe not exactly. Anyway, I’m wrapping of week 5 of SSB 1 so next week is the recovery week. It is also my holiday vacation week so won’t be on a bike at all.

My question is when I come back, do I count that as my recovery week and hit SSB 2? Or do the recovery week then hit SSB 2? Or repeat week 5 then recovery week, and then SSB2.

As my plans stack now, I finish up my specialty end of May right in time for my A event. If that really matters?


Personally I found SSB1 easy as it’s supposed to be I think - so would just carry on and Start SSB 2 especially if the proceeding plans fall inline with your A event. If you had spare weeks I may go back and do week 5 and then the recovery week, but would all depend on how it fits in week wise. Having said all that will depend on how your body has copied with the training etc.

Yeah just take it easy next week, enjoy the holidays and go into SSB2 after. I did the same before.

Especially as your goal event lines up well with your current planning.

Happy holidays :christmas_tree:

Yes, if having a week off then just treat that as recovery week (week 6) if it were me.