Following ssbmv1 with ssblv2

I now have just one more hard week, then the recovery week left in ssbmv1. I’m new to structured training, and am looking forward to seeing what my gains have been. It feels like it could be considerable, as I am now upping the intensity even in my OU workouts, and getting through them just fine. I’m considering just doing the LV plan for ssb2, but I’m concerned that even with the increased intensity, the reduced tss will limit my progress considerably. I think that even if I do the LV, I may still add a recovery ride in between harder workouts when I can.

Another concern I have is that I will be away from home for couple of weeks in the middle of the 6 week plan, and though I will take my bike with me, I don’t know how much I’ll get to ride, and it will likely just be some shortish, fun trail rides. What are your opinions about how I should handle the training plan around this interruption? I’d like to think that I might get out 3-4 times in the away from home period, which might act as a “place holder”, and then just resume when I get back to the winter hellscape that I call home. I’ll look forward to any opinions you guys might share. Thanks everybody!

  1. Why are you doing SSB2 again? TrainerRoad is set up to structure your training Base - Build - Specialty. Did you do SSB1?

  2. Why are you dropping down to LV? Can you not handle the TSS at MV, but it appears you already have been.

  3. Moving to LV may not be enough stimulus/stress to elicit adaptation and growth in fitness if you’re coming off 6 or 12 weeks of SSB MV.

Get in whatever training you can. Make those rides have intervals and intensity if you can. Then I’d just pick up where you left off.

What are your future plans? Time line? do you have an A race or “Event” that you are planning to be in peak form for? if you don’t have any planed event you have many options. I wold just restart SSB2 after the break. I will be dropping to LV when spring arrives to accommodate outdoor stress.

I’m doing 24 weeks of base… then again my ‘A’ race isn’t till master’s Nats. I guess I could try and peak for Tulsa Tough in early June and peak again in mid August.

All about that base. Plus, I like to race into fitness gradually.

Whoops, typo. I meant to say that I’m finishing up ssbmv1, not 2.

I’m considering dropping to lv because the work I’m doing now is really fatiguing me. I’m 46 and have ridden recreationally for the last 2 years, but prior to that, haven’t honestly exerted myself athletically for 20 years prior. My first ramp test came in at an embarrassing 143, but I’d guess that my next one will be at least 160, based on how things feel when I raise the intensity level in individual workouts. The ftp increase alone will make things a lot more taxing, not to mention that ssb2 is considerably more intense than 1. My individual workouts aren’t giving me trouble, but man, when I get up in the morning, my legs feel worked! I kind of like it, but I do feel like I’m pushing the envelope as far as tss goes.

Finally, I am very excited to get back out on the trails, and should be able to in the second half of this next phase, so I think that I have to make room for that. I’m not working up to a big race, just trying to get to where my fitness matches my skills.

Do Low Volume, the add outside rides or additional sweet spot or zone 2 work if you have time and you feel like it. With two years recreational riding and no structured training, you probably should’ve started with LV. You will see plenty of improvement from SSB2LV, IMO. It’s a step up in intensity from SSB1.

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Agreed. Same age as @bugeye72, work / life commitments can take its toll. I prefer additive, it feels better than reductive. ie Dropping rides vs adding.

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