Replace VO2Max, FTP/OU, or Sweetspot with long Z2

I’m in my last week of SSBMV2 and will be starting SPB either low or mid volume next.
Due to the improving weather I’d like to include longer 3-6hr Z2 rides outside.

Which sessions in the SPB plan should I replace with the Z2 ride, the VO2Max, FTP/OU or Sweet Spot ones to get the best result?

My pick would be the Sunday sweetspot/tempo ride, which the plan always offers a longer and slower alternative.


I would definitely keep the VO2 work since that maintains your upper end (you lose VO2 fitness VERY quickly if you aren’t stimulating it) and the threshold work since that is really the meat of SPB. You might consider doing the LV version and then supplementing with your longer endurance rides. That way you are still sure to get the essential workouts and won’t need to replace anything, just add what you would like on a day where it doesn’t take away from your plan performance/compliance.

If that isn’t enough volume for you, you can always throw in a tempo/sweet spot ride on the lower end or put the MV plan on and just sub for a - version of one of the sweet spot workouts as well.


Thanks for the input guys. I’ll be substituting Sweet spot for longer Z2 rides outside. Currently leaning toward SPB low volume.

I wouldn’t replace them but rather add the endurance ride to it. Maybe as a consequence shorten the harder workouts.

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Thanks. I could also throw a couple sweet spot efforts in de Z2 rode. In the LV plan I would indeed add the Z2 instead of replace as opposed to the MV plan.

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