Repeat the Build Phase, skip base and speciality?


Straight to the point with more context below: Is it inadvisable to keep repeating an 8-week Build Phase while skipping Base and Specialty altogether? For example, repeat a build plan three times for a total of 24 weeks?

My goal:

Simply keep training all year round hoping to slowly & steadily increase my FTP. Whatever fitness I gain would go towards random outdoor riding with much joy to be had when beating old Strava PRs.

And that’s basically it. I don’t care about peaking for events (I don’t race), so the Specialty Phase seems pointless to me. This also means I’m not trying to time my training plan completions for anything, so the whole sequence & timing of Base->Build->Specialty doesn’t apply to me, right?

I cycle consistently so I’m not sure that I need to go through a Base phase. If Base IS recommended… then what, Base → Build → repeat?

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For building ftp I’d be inclined to try this: What if I only did Sweet Spot workouts? - #11 by julianoliver and do SSB1 > SSB2 > Build and repeat that over and over