Specialty phase: should i do it?

Hi, everyone!

I’m in my first TR year, just finishing general build phase. Really pleased by all the improvement i’ve made during these past 5 months.

I don’t compete and haven’t got any event or race planned: i just train to get fitter, see the improvements…and beat my friends XD

Would you do the specialty phase or would you skip it and restart the base and build cycle?
Which build or specialty plan would you pick in any of the two options? I live in the north of spain and most of our rides are in hilly terrain and climbs. (I originally picked general build because it was recommended in the web page)


Whatever looks fun, or if you want to work on your weaknesses you can do that.

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Without a specific event or deliverable on the calendar, I would step back your training to either build or base. Perhaps you take SSB(your volume)2 and run it back into another build or simply pick a different build and start there. The build plans attack different systems and moving through those can help you to build out your power curve. Whether you go back to base or pick a new build phase, I don’t think you can go wrong. A different build phase off the bat might just provide more variety. :slight_smile:

You certainly could do specialty, it won’t hurt, but they are built specifically with events and tapering in mind. You don’t really need this level of specificity and might not be making the most efficient use of your event-free training time in doing so. Hope this helps.

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If you don’t have any events planned, doing another base-build cycle is probably the better way to go.

And again, if you don’t have a specific goal in mind, you may want to do a different Build than what you have done before, just to make you a more rounded cyclist. (There is nothing wrong with General Build, just that doing 2 different types of strengthens different energy systems).

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thanks both of you for the advice!!
doing another build plan sounds fun, challenging and productive.
good idea!