Recovering....from vacation

I know the topic sounds ludicrous but I just spent 9 days on the road and 6 of those on a Disney Cruise ship with a 4 year old and my wife, plus 26 hours of total driving.

On the cruise I ate WAY to much and I hit the ice cream bar to often.

The whole trip was really high stress, high calorie intake and the only real activity I was able to pull of was one spin class and walking up about 20 flights of stairs a day.

I am absolutely drained right now. I have been off the bike for 12 days because of thanksgiving day plus the trip. I am slated to re-start sustained power build tomorrow but I don’t think I could pull off a descent ramp test to save my life. My resting heart rate is averaging about 8 beats higher than normal and has for the entire trip. Overall I just feel rough.

What’s the best way to get my act back together without digging myself into a deeper hole. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

PS i have a brand new H3 sitting in the floor that arrived while I was gone. I can’t wait to give that a try.

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I am in a similar situation - flew 8800 miles home and back and caught a flu on the way back on the plane.

I am easing into TR by doing Baxter, Pettit and similar easier workouts, before starting SSB LVI.

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Re your H3, make sure you remove and grease the axle adapters, then install them.

Some people have found them dry and loose, which leads to noise.

Also, you may notice some squeaking in low gear, high torque situations. If so, let us know and we can steer you to the right solution.

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Maybe re-start with the recovery week from SSB2. Adjust your FTP to feel, don’t ramp test this week. Then start build next week.

Use the week to get on top of your nutrition, and sleep.

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jump back 2 weeks in your plan and restart there. It might not be pretty, but you’ll bounce back faster than you may believe. Good luck!! And no more treats!