Christmas Break

So I’m due to finish SSB MV2 on the week finishing on Sunday 16th. I then have one week where I can train and then the Christmas week when I’m away at Family and won’t have access to a bike ;-(

So my questions-
My sixth week (Taper/recovery week) is the week beginning the 10th. Should I follow the plan or adapt it by adding harder rides?
Would should I then do in the final week (17th-23rd) or should I make the most of this time by doing harder rides or take it easier?
Do i need even need to do the taper week as i’m going to be off the bike for a week?

My A event is next June so I plan on repeating SSB MV2 in the new year,followed by a build and specialty phase.

So my next question is when should I do my next ramp test? Before I have a week off to see where I have got to in SSB2? Or in the new year when i’m about to start the next block? Or both?


I have done this before by Just repeating a week. Probably best to repeat week 3 then do 4 and 5 and skip the recovery week. Or do the recovery week you get back to get you back in the swing of things. I always try to plan around my vacations like this.

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I would do your ramp test after Vacation. Maybe get a few rides then do the ramp that third workout day. If you do a ramp before you may be training at pre-holiday dude that post-holiday dude didn’t sign up for, lol.

If you just want to see your gains before the holidays to see if your training is working than there’s no harm in that.

Thanks, That’s what I’ve decideded on. I’m just spending this week trying to find new workouts that fit my week and look cool.

It’ll also keep my eating and drinking under control as I know I have a test in the new year… well maybe…