Reading - Good to Go: The surprising truth of how to eat, sleep and rest like a champion by Christie Aschwanden

Anyone else reading this great book? I’m only part way through and it’s fantastic. She backs up heaps of stuff the Trainer Road Podcast guys have spoken about when it comes to recovery, nutrition, and rest. I (almost!) fully trust @chad Timmerman‘s research, but still, it’s great to read a book (packed full of references) that concurs with so much of what he says. A major bonus that it’s funny, entertaining, and easy to read too.


Lol, I’m the same way. There’s no issue with trust but verify. Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ve been looking for a new book.

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Doesn’t look like it’s available for purchase on Amazon (kindle is the only format I see)

Try searching for just the author’s name on amazon and see how you go? I’m in Australia so might not have provided the right link.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Her book on BS recovery stuff is excellent as well.