Books that make you faster

I was looking for some cycling/sports related books to read and I wondered;

What cycling/sports related book(s) did you already read and do you recommend?

Why did it make you faster? Which insights did it give you?

The books already on the “to read” list:

How bad do you want it? - Matt Fitzgerald

Faster - Michael hutchinson

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Quite a few listed here.

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Any book that is placed under your front wheel in the place of a riser block. :grinning:


The Cyclists Training Bible (Joe Friel the OG) Should go without saying

Training and Racing with a power meter (Hunter Allen and Andy Coggin)

Racing Weight (Matt Fitzgerald) Im a naturally big guy…

Right now I’m reading “Fast After 50” (also Joe Friel) I’m not 50, but I will be soon enough.

These may not directly make you faster, but if you can’t ride, you won’t get there.

Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists (Andy Pruitt) Injuries are a reality

The Athletes Guide to Yoga (Sage Rountree) Recovery is 90% of improvement

Becoming a Supple Leopard (Kelley Starrett)

Notice a trend toward recovery? I’ve alway been able to put down power and get progressively faster, I don’t think I’ve ever really plateaued, thats simply because I always seem to get hurt. I’m trying very hard to get smarter about it and prevent it. When I can’t, I am learning to get back as fast as possible.

Just my .02, YMMV, past performance is no guarantee of future gains.


The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald has really helped me.


Endure by Alex Hutchison is a great read. Not too many actionable take aways, but a great read.

The Physiology of Training for High Performance by MacDougall and Sale is an excellent exercise physiology textbook - one of the best in years.


Guys, these are all great, Add them to the list on this thread if they are not already on there.

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Thanks everybody! A lot of interesting reading material!

fast after 50 is good, no offence if your 49


It might not make you faster but this book will almost certainly make you re-evaluate your approach to a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of recovery: sleep. A fascinating, insightful, erudite and highly readable account of everything to do with sleep. Read it and sleep . Highly recommended.




This one is a sleeper, very very good.

“The Brave Athlete”

I know so many like “How Badly Do You Want It” But this book has done more for my “Head Game” than anything else.


I have a start on the “official” unofficial book / reading thread.


I started “How Bad do you want it”, and I am really disappointed. I do think a lot of info there is helpful, but the story telling style is really annoying. I mean, each chapter principle can be summed up in 3 pages. But no info on how to put it in application.

Some people find the “inspirational” stories helpful for motivation, like the video with Justin Rossi, or the never ending stories of this book (this guy being one stride in front of the other and then the other fought back and was at the front, but then again the other wanted it more badly and so on). But for me, it is really annoying, and sounds like motivational BS.

The Brave Athlete on the other Hand, has been a great read with a lot of practicality in it. I can only recommend it.