Re taking Ramp Test only 2 weeks after last one

Hi all, I have had to load another training plan in order for Adaptive Training to be able to work for me. In doing this I have been asked to do a Ramp Test today. I only did my last one 2 weeks ago.

So my questions are. Should I do another so soon? How do I cancel the one on my plan? If I cancel it will it effect my programme?

Alot to ask you all for advice on I know, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Doug

No need to do it and you can just skip it. Use Train Now to pick a substitute workout and you’ll be all set. Deleting or skipping a workout won’t mess up AT.


Huges84. Thanks for that advice. Timely
Too as I’m about to jump on my Wattbike! :+1:t3::blush: