Two Ramp Tests at very Beginning?

Hi All, I have been visiting the forum for a while off and on and finally took the plunge to subscribe yesterday. When I launched the program, the first thing that came up after I went through the training plan questions was a ramp test. I slogged through that. It took far longer than I had thought from what I had read - maybe because I didn’t know my FTP (being new and all) and it started me out with 69 watts…

So anyway, I made it through and was looking forward to seeing what kind of workouts I would be given. My first workout - for today - is another ramp test… Is that normal? Did it magically recognize that I should have done better than I did, so now I have to do it again? Yesterday’s ramp test shows up on the screen, and then there’s one for today too.

Can anyone advise as to what I should do? Thanks!

That sounds like a glitch. There’s a number of reasons why that may have happened (did you take the test before building your plan? Did you take the test a day early?) and we don’t have the details to diagnose - I’d contact support


Yup, an email to would be the best place to start.

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I took the test after creating the plan because that was the order things appeared when I signed up. I suppose it might have been a day early, but didn’t realize I was doing it wrong if that’s the case. I sent a message to support last night, but haven’t heard back yet, so I thought I would try the forum. I will now wait patiently for their response. Thanks for confirming that that is what I need to do :slight_smile: .

Yeah, if you ran a test a day early, it would likely still leave the original one in place on the scheduled day.

At a guess, if you open your Calendar, and move the pending Ramp Test to the same day you actually did it, TR might associate the two and let you continue along with no more “double”. The only issue is you would then have an open day, but you can keep it empty or add an easy ride if you want to do something that day.


Thank You! I just went in and deleted the second test and was then given the option to “update plan”. I now have a workout in place. It is labelled breakthrough though, which I hope doesn’t mean “really hard”. It also seems like a funny place to start training for a beginner… The whole reason I am signing up for TrainerRoad now is because I thought adaptive training might be better for me than the plans I was trying to do on Zwift. I guess I’ll try it and see… Thanks again for your help!

Well, the Breakthrough is not appropriate or what TR plans. Guessing again, the order of operations you’ve done by jumping ahead may have lead to these issues.

With Adaptive Training, it should adapt your pending workouts to appropriate levels that match your current Progression Levels. You likely have 1.0 for all your levels, so AT should adjust your workouts down.

This is worth continuing your discussion to TR support. They can hopefully cover the aspects I am just guessing at with the limited info I have.

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Well, I’m sure they’re busy, but I wanted to head in to do my workout here pretty soon and as I haven’t heard back from support, I thought I might ask you all what you think about my doing the Steamboat, which says it is sweet spot 1.0?

If steamboat is “achievable” for you, then it would be a better choice for a first workout than a “breakthrough”, while the support team look at the issue. Goddard or an alternate is a common substitute for the ramp test also.

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I usually test a few days in advance of a block starting and replacing the ramp test with another workout. My approach has been to copy whatever workout is scheduled 1 week out from the test date so that it’s the same type of workout. Depending what it is possibly scaling the workout down a bit as well.

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Hey there! Just jumping in to confirm that this is not the intended behavior. Sorry about that!

Our support teams have been super busy fielding questions about the new AI FTP Detection, and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible! In the meantime, you can use Workout Alternates to pick an appropriate Achievable or Productive workout in the same training zone. We’ll be sure to look into whatever bug may have prevented AT from detecting the completed Ramp Test (and also why it would have given you a Breakthrough level workout).

Thanks for reporting this!


I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who has responded! I ended up like a deer in the headlights last night and chickened out of doing a workout. Silly of me, I guess… But now I’ve had some great communication with support and will head in to do the assigned workout this evening! I am super excited to get faster and be able to ride with my husband some day. I trust TrainerRoad to get me there.