Starting a training block

Hi folks!

I’m new to TrainerRoad - did my intro and ramp test today (new high, woo) and am all set to start my training plan in a couple of days.

The first workout on the training plan is a ramp test though, and it doesn’t make sense to me to do another ramp test so soon after the first. Am I good to just change/remove that workout, or would you suggest doing it anyway? Keen to know what others have done!

Thanks, looking forward to getting faster.

  • That is fine.
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Yeah I would change it. Usually I would look a week ahead and replace the ramp with a workout that is similar to the one scheduled for the same day next week but maybe a step easier in the progression.

EX if the next workout is 5x3min VO2’s then I would maybe find one that is 6x2 or 5x2.5.


Thanks, will go ahead with that then!

Ok that sounds like a plan and makes sense. Will do. Thanks!

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