Adaptive Training Suggesting Ramp Test?

I’ve got new adaptions pending this morning and it has me now with a Ramp Test scheduled for tomorrow. Anyone else run into this before and any insight into the rationale?
I did race on the weekend but still not sure if outside workouts are being used for algorithm for FTP detection and why it would be suggested.

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Email to have them review it.
We can’t even make a good guess with limited info.

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Just as additional anecdotal evidence, I am seeing this for the first time today as well midway through a MV SSB1 block. I’m pretty familiar with the mechanics of adaptive training and am stumped where it’s coming from. Hitting up chat support - will report back.

Turns out that (at least in my case) it’s an active bug they are trying to squash, was recommended to skip the adaptations.


I had it suggest a ramp test after my first outdoor ride of the year, I wonder if it detected a significant change in my ftp after adding in the outdoor ride, my thinking was that I was able to put out more power with better cooling or something, I ran the ai detection and got a 6% bump… a big enough jump to make me think the ftp change was necessary.