Ran a marathon on Sunday, is a Ramp test on Tuesday stupid?

Ran a marathon on Sunday as a qualifier for an ultra I’m running mid April. Goal was just to go sub 3:20 to get a B-Batch seeding so I didn’t push hard and ran easily within myself the whole way.

Legs felt fine after, albeit a little tired. Today is a complete rest day and contemplating a Ramp test tomorrow so I can start another SSB phase.

Having said that a marathon is a marathon and there will probably be residual fatigue in the legs…Should I have a couple easy recovery days and ramp test later in the week rather or just hit it tomorrow and see what happens?

I would do a recovery week. By the end of the week you can do a ramp test


Toss in pettit or something before the ramp and see how that goes. your legs will tell you

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Yeah thanks. I had decided to take the week as follows:
Monday : Off completely
Tues : Easy run in the am and petit in the evening (in a normal week both would be a workout)
Wed : Easy run in the am and weight training in the evening
Thur : Cheaha in the am and easy run in the evening
Fri : Ramp test

Will see how the legs feel during all of these and will remove sessions as needed.

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Monday : completely off
Tuesday : easy 30min run. Achilles was tight so I pulled up and walked alittle. Petit in the evening, HR low and easy but legs did feel a little tired
Wed : no easy run. Took morning off.

Leaning towards more rest this week. Trying to convince myself daily that you get faster when you’re body recovers

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