Ramp test too easy?

If you complete all 15 stages of the Ramp Test as written and have a baseline FTP of 200W, your FTP will only increase to 204W (75% of 272W which is the last 1-minute stage). Even if you have a baseline FTP of 300W and you complete the entire test, you would only see your FTP increase to 306W.

My question is: Why isn’t there an ability to go further above this level during the Ramp Test? If you put in a good training block, wouldn’t you expect your FTP to increase by more than 4-6W?

The ramp test is impossible to complete. It will simply add more steps as you go.


Yes, as mentioned, the Ramp test is “special”. It will add as many steps as needed until the rider stops pedaling. Some have ridden as long as 50+ minutes.

  • So, the answer is that there IS the ability to go further.

One example of 30+ mins:

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Ah, I see now. So even though the test appears to have only 15 stages, it will automatically add more if you can match the power output. Makes sense! Thanks, all!

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