Will ramp test have enough steps?

Hi everyone!

It’s been a month after my last ramp test and I’ve been doubling the training load from what I did before and doing even more than trainer road planned.

After checking my new ramp test, I’ve seen that if I complete the last step I’ll be getting a +2% increase in FTP but I think I’m way stronger than that (even more so considering the last ramp test I wasn’t well rested).

So, will TR automatically increase the number of steps or how this works?

Thanks a lot!

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yes it will keep going up as long as you can!


Also no harm in entering a more realistic FTP estimate before the ramp test if your worried about how long the test will take.


In theory, the Ramp Test does not end. In practice, your legs, heart and lungs say otherwise!

The workout graphic is really just to show something: but when you do it, every minute it steps up a notch. There’s quite a few threads about it (not all complimentary!) and from memory if you get to 19:30 then you will match your current FTP so anything after that should increase it.


I would definitely do this. It won’t impact the result, but will shorten the ride. The ramping shouldn’t take more than 25 mins or so. Most of us have a party if we get to 21!

I was about to ask the same question as OP - it seems weird that the workout notes don’t mention anything like this.