Ramp test now shows ftp live on mobile app?

I heard on the podcast that the ramp test now shows a live view of FTP. Is this on desktop, mobile, or both? I launched the mobile app and didn’t see a new field on the ramp test, but didn’t really get into the workout.

Desktop only for now. Will be on mobile when the new version gets released

Thanks. I gave up early on the ramp test tonight. The field on the screen wouldn’t have helped, but looking forward to having it available.

Is this only on group test? I recently did the ramp test and didn’t see it, and I pretty sure everything was up to date.

You would need to scroll over to the workout stats view I think. Or maybe it’s pull down the workout stats. One of those.

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Correct, Win/Mac only and you must click “Stats” to see the info.


Great thanks. Ramp test hanging over me in two weeks time, will take a look

@mcneese.chad Just did a ramp test on an Android tablet and latest TR app and live FTP wasn’t available on stats page. Hasn’t this feature been released yet on mobile devices?

Not to the best of my knowledge for Android mobile. They are still only on beta for the Apple mobile, with Android still a ways out. So the only place for live FTP is Win/Mac and maybe Apple Beta (but I have not followed that and am not certain).

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