Ramp test now shows ftp live on mobile app?

I heard on the podcast that the ramp test now shows a live view of FTP. Is this on desktop, mobile, or both? I launched the mobile app and didn’t see a new field on the ramp test, but didn’t really get into the workout.

Desktop only for now. Will be on mobile when the new version gets released

Thanks. I gave up early on the ramp test tonight. The field on the screen wouldn’t have helped, but looking forward to having it available.

Is this only on group test? I recently did the ramp test and didn’t see it, and I pretty sure everything was up to date.

You would need to scroll over to the workout stats view I think. Or maybe it’s pull down the workout stats. One of those.

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Correct, Win/Mac only and you must click “Stats” to see the info.


Great thanks. Ramp test hanging over me in two weeks time, will take a look