FTP Tests are down... AI Takeover?

Looks like all FPT tests “have taken a nasty spill.” Is this the FTP version of Ultron waging war against Jarvis? :rofl:

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What context are you seeing this (web, app, other)?

the ramp FTP test is still on the mobile app but don’t see the 20min test on there

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Yup, I have it on Win10 App, Android App & TR website.

I think there is something else off with the OP setup.

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Windows 10… It shows up as a workout but then when I click it gives me the oops page. Works on my app though. Probably something on my end!

Feel free to delete @mcneese.chad

I saw the same with todays workout: cajon

Thanks for the heads up! I’m getting the “nasty spill” message too.

I’ll let our web team know so they can defeat the evil robots before it’s too late! :robot: :boom: