Is TrainerRoad down right now?

My desktop app and mobile both stuck on “trying to make me faster”?

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Same here


Hello, same here. Both Android APP (I did reinstall to ensure was not an app problem) and windows desktop app not working

Same in iPad app

+1 also

Same here (Browser)

Works here. iOS. But is loading slow.

Was seeing it down for ~10 minutes, but looks like it’s recovering

Yes - looks like it’s coming back up - phew!


same here… maybe trying to make us Really fast :grin:

Maybe they’re deploying predictive FTP :thinking:

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We’re back! Had some issues clearly for a short period this morning, sorry all!


Whatever has been done in the last update has made my phone app faster. My screen light used to time out before it got to the Career page but now TR is going straight to the Calendar page and the screen doesn’t time out/ switch off. Its still not fast starting but faster :thinking:


My calendar annotations seem to be missing on the PC app :face_with_monocle:

They’re back now :+1:t2:

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Hi Ivy, any idea when FTP estimate is going into early access ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Immediate future. Which is still ambiguous enough to not be a strict timeline so I wont get dragged when it isnt in Early Access by Monday. Haha. :wink:


Pleaaaase my ramp test is tomorrow !!!

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