Live FTP in TR app

Just wanted to give some heads up:

The live FTP feature in the ramp test is AWESOME (did a test today with ALL-TIME high) and I am sure that seeing the watts gives a lot of motivation.

love TR even more and looking forward to next test in 3 weeks time!


This feature is only available in the mobile app? Was expecting tp see live FTP on Win10 app last week but didn’t…

It’s also available on Win10. At least it was the last two times for me.

I used the live ftp function on my Mac, I thought this was only activated on the pc and Mac versions and not the mobile app. How do I display live ftp on the mobile app?

It’s in there, but hidden, unless you click on Stats button under cadence

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It doesn’t show in my mobile app…

Live FTP is only in Win/Mac, and maybe the mobile beta apps, not the older mobile apps AFAIK. I expect it will be in all apps once they release the latest official mobile versions.

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Thanks, that clears that one up!

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Hmmm…what did I do wrong then when I couldn’t see it? Any specific setting I need to turn on?

I’ve never saw it but I tend to be focusing on other things during the test :sweat::joy:

You need to click the “Stats” section to open the items that include the current TSS and other metrics. When this is done during a Ramp Test, it will show live FTP after the 5 minute warm up section.

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