Real time FTP, ramp test

Just came here to state that the new feature on the desktop app that allows you to see real-time (calculated) FTP during a ramp test is probably one of the most motivational features I’ve experienced in a looooooonnnnng time.

Completed my first ramp test of the offseason today after about a month or so of general riding, doing what I want, etc. and I expected to have dropped 10-15w from where I was at for most of the season. Instead came in almost 10w higher at almost 3.5w/kg.

4w/kg might be a stretch for 2021 but I bet I’ll get close.

Amazing how such a small thing can have such a large impact on motivation and tolerance at the end of a ramp test.

Great job TR dev team!


Ditto – I loved seeing this on my last ramp test, and it was a huge motivator. I probably kept pushing for another 5 watts past where I might have stopped without it and I actually look forward to my next ramp test (sort of…).

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I may actually be looking forward to doing a ramp test now.

When will this be out for iOS?

Presumably in the current beta app, if any tester can confirm?

It should be part if the main release once the beta is done.