Live RAMP Test Results - Where is it?

I’ve done several Ramp tests since I’ve been on the platform but never have I seen the LIVE Results feedback. I don’t do the test in a group mode, but as I understand I should be able to see Live Results during a solo test as well.

Do I have to turn this on somewhere, I’ve looked but don’t see it…am I just missing it? Any guidance would be much appreciated as I’m testing again this weekend, and want that extra encouragement :slight_smile: [ it’s just a number lol]

It’s in the expanded stats. You won’t see it until you expand the numbers part of the screen.

I don’t think I’ve ever done that…I will take a look…thank you very much!

I believe it is only on the desktop versions though and not on IOS or Android if you are looking for it there.

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Good call Olly…yes I use the desktop version on a laptop for training. Others may find that useful for sure if they are looking for it on mobile.

Yes, the current Live FTP in the Ramp is only Win / Mac.

It is expected to be added to the pending mobile updates (and may even be in the current iOs/And beta versions, but I have no idea).

Live FTP is in the iOS beta.

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