Illness at end of recovery week

I had to bail on Saturday workout and have been pretty ill since, what seemed like just a headache turned into a full-on fever. Supposed to be doing ramp test tomorrow for start of SSB MV2 which I think I will pass on for now. I was hoping to pick things up later on in the week if feeling better but looking for suggestions as to how best to deal with this week.

Should I do the ramp test as soon as possible and carry on with the plan at that point or get back on the bike and redo the rest of the recovery week and then do the ramp test?

My guts says redo the recovery week…


Definitely don’t jump back on a plan too soon. Start doing easy Z1/Z2 riding and see how your body responds. You may need an extra recovery week.

I’m just coming back from a week of a bad cold and cough. I started riding again last Tuesday and even 30-40 minutes of Z1 was hard. My heart rate was abnormally elevated. I was able to ride 2 hours on Saturday without too much problem but my heart rate was still elevated by 20bpm over normal on a climb we do. My RPE was high tempo or low sweet spot but my HR was way over my regular threshold HR.


I’d give it at least a week post-fever before you get back on the bike, then redo the recovery week and go into the ramp test.


I’m in the same situation.
I’ve shifted everything and will start SSBMV2 next week and if I can get on my bike for any Endurance rides this week then great.

I have a recovery week scheduled next week. I am fighting an illness this week. Glad for the ability to shift things around, I think I’ll simply swap weeks and try to work in some endurance/recovery rides this week. And only if I feel better.

Anyone else feel like they get one great week of training in, followed by a very broken up one?

That was last year for me.