First ramp test using TR

Well I bit the bullet and committed to a training program with TR, I’m going with the short base phase since I also commute on my bike.

That said, I think I made a bad decisions. I was so eager to do the ramp test that a) I did not sleep well last night and b) I’m coming off an illness and a hard week of exercise.

Specifically I had a chest cold that ended a few days ago (still coughing a bit though) and my TSS for this week was already at 410 with my daily commutes.

Would this negatively affect my ramp test? I went as hard as possible, to the point that my legs couldn’t turn the pedals over (in ERG mode). However I noticed my heart rate peaked at 165 and I know my max HR is 181. Should I wait a few days and retest or should I just go with what I got?


I’d take a couple of days rest and then retest.


You could use your new FTP after you’ve recovered from illness and fatigue. Then adjust as necessary for the indoor workouts. What you need to review is how much additional work you’re intending to do over and above the committing. 400 TSS is not insignificant and increases should be in small increments. How do you measure your recovery?

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Thanks for the reply. I generally take a day off any form of exercise to recover, my commutes usually last about 20-30 minutes and average power is around 200-230 watts.

Yeah I’ll see if I can do that. The good thing about this test is that it doesn’t absolutely kill me to retake it.

That is one of the benefits of the Ramp Test :+1::wink: