Upper body and core work out affect Ramp test

Had a poor ramp test today. 5 watts lower than original after SSB2. Pretty sure i have gotten fitter because workouts were getting easier. Underlying flu last week so had my rest week but felt better today so done my disappointing ramp test. Maybe I should have taken another proper rest week rather than counting my sick week as a rest week. Also another query is, would a upper body workout the day b4 a ramp test have a negative affect on test. Thanks.

Wow, you’re me, on a delay. It’s taken me three weeks to come back from the flu (counting from when I felt well enough to get back on the bike), so now I can speak with Authority™ :upside_down_face:: Take it easy and be patient. Sick weeks are not rest/recovery weeks, they’re high-stress damage weeks that suck the fitness right out of your bones, but it’ll come back. Take an actual rest week when you’re actually feeling better, back up a couple weeks in the plan, and expect to work at a lower threshold while your body puts itself back together. (If you used the Plan Builder, TR has some alternative modifications.)

Maybe a really intense one? But it’s ok to carry some fatigue into the test, and it might even be better for your future training.

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