Ramp test failure before cycling all out

There are those days, that the head do not want to do what the legs want. I failed a ramp test, but agreed on the result. Now my sessions are way to easy. Rode a 30/30 @109/50 today. Easy ride, could have done it all day. New ramp test maybe, or wait intil I reach 12 TR sessions and my ftp will be adjusted. RPE on the ramp test before quitting was maybe a 7

Do a new test. It makes no sense to use an FTP from a test where you know that you underperformed.


Then its a new test tomorrow.

30s/30s @109%/50% shouldn’t be hard even with a properly set FTP.

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Heart rate is also relatively low. RPE 4

That just reinforces that a new test is appropriate.

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Do you reccomend a easy workout for tomorrow, and the test on thursday?

Depends. If you think today was really easy and didn’t place you in a notable level of fatigue, testing tomorrow could be fine. Consider how you feel today, and you could even just make the call tomorrow based on feelings then.

Aren’t 30/30s typically at 120% or higher?

Commonly, yes. But this may have been a workout with a very low PL, and meant as a beginner level workout in that light. Hard to say without seeing the actual workout and context to the rider PL.

At a guess, we are likely looking at a situation with a new rider and 1.0 PL, so the lowest level of workout around 1.0 to 2.0 would seem to be what would be assigned by AT.

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Not on the workout TR had set up for me today. Next week is it set to 120

I agree there is a good chance that your FTP test has you set low, but there is a BIG difference between the workout that you did and V02 workouts in the 5-7 range for progression level. Maybe give one of those a shot before retesting. You might be one of those people that doesn’t ramp test well. Maybe manually bumping your FTP until the PL 5-7 rides for threshold and V02 are sufficiently challenging is a better use of your training time.

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If you think you only hit RPE 7 on your test then why did you quit? Just take 3 days easy and test again.