Ramp test - The FTP suggested seems very very low

Hello. Today was my first training session on TR, and I started with a Ramp Test, and I am a little confused for the result, let me explain. I have been training and riding seriously for around five years, and my FTP (without very well consistency in training) was around 275-280 W. Since one year and a half, I have not been training at all, not cycling or any other sport. I used to weigh around 63-64 kgs when I was fit, and not 70 kgs.

I did the test. I did no expect a high number but not that number that low. It was 163 W. I doubt that it might be because after the blown up, I went on riding and I have the doubt that the system might consider the time I went on riding as part of the FTP calculation. Here you can see an image to make it clearer.

The last minute was around 218 W, and later I went on without marking that the FTP was ended because I thought it would finish the session and I wanted to recover a little bit.

Can it be because of that or it is my FTP that low?

No it has used your full power power, 218x0,75 is about 163.
The ridning after did not affect the result

Edit: we’ve all made the misstanke of hitting the wrong button.

Since you had a year and half of nothing I wouldn’t worry about it. Just start riding again. Your FTP will probably come up very fast.


It’s likely accurate, your max heart rate hitting 199 shows you pushed hard. Time is cruel, I had a month off and dropped 304 to 268, then a fall, and honestly that tipped me into needing (mentally more then anything, I totally lost my motivation) to step away so a further three months totally off, and I dropped from 268 to 217.

Been back on the plans since beginning of Feb, and only now starting to feel and see the changes that remind me of last year, and I’m back up to 264 as of Tuesday.

It’s hard mentally pulling back up to your old stats. So just be kind to yourself.

Treat your training (always, but especially for the next few months) as “I’m faster then 4 weeks ago! :fire:” rather then “I’m still down from 18 months ago :frowning:” and celebrate those gains!

Good work on getting back on the bike!


And the next few weeks will tell you if it’s too low each time you do a workout. Stick at it and you soon by flying along. Keep consistent and if you feel the workouts are all super easy you can bump up the intensity.
I’d be inclined to leave the first weeks alone and see how it goes.
Its also not a measure of you as a human or a cyclist - its just a training metric. We’ve all been there… Honestly.


Thank you very much for your messages and support. Reality is cruel. It is so hard to get fit, and you lose “everything” quickly. I put quotation marks because it is similar to learning a language: if you do no use it, you think you forgot everything, but if you start again, the progress is much faster than starting from zero, or at least I want to believe that.

I am not so worried because of the number; I was surprised although because I expected something higher, around 200 W, for instance. I prefer that. My idea in the next 4-6 weeks is to recover the training habit more that progress physiologically. I want to keep consistency: I prefer to train now less with more consistency, than what I did previously, that was to try to deal with a high training load, that it was not possible in my real life.

It is my first time using TR. I am a little bit sceptical about this automated training programs, but it seems that people are happy with the system here.

Thank you for your support. It is great to know that there is a community here.

You will certainly get the fitness back quickly - especially with a big difference between your FTP past and present. Training is about consistency though as you mentioned and you will only get that if you nail the sessions. If you use an unrealistic FTP then you won’t finish and won’t get the benefit. Stick with the FTP - every 2 weeks re evaluate and if workouts feel easier add a couple of % to your FTP. You will need to re test regularly say after you recovery that training habit you mentioned and it will be back over 200W in no time :grin:

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PS - trust the programmes - I have done SSB HV in 2018-19 and MV 2019-20 (with extra zone 2 outdoor rides) my FTP when already a racer has gone from 236W to 300W - it’s tough but it works - go for it!

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You’ll probably find you get it back (and more) pretty fast! Always easier to get there a second time…physically if not mentally :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you’ve got the right idea too- consistency and structure are huge and you’ll likely see some pretty big gains from that alone. Best of luck!

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Although it might seem contradictory I “prefer” that low FTP. I mean, a low FTP (although it is my real FTP now) would help to accomplish the sessions. I mean, if I stick with 190 W or 200W of FTP as I supposed it should be, the sessions would be harder, less motivation to start and finish them. As I said, I prefer consistency and not physical gains now. I am going to start with a Low Volume program and see how it fits in my life.

The comments here (for the little I saw) seems that TR programs work well. I hope I can be one that supports those programs soon:grinning:

I am not saying the result is not correct. However, I think you are in the best position to determine whether that may be your current ftp.

When I started cycling 2 years ago I immediately bought a trainer and tested at 195. Although I was not actually sporting, I did cycle to work everyday for a couple of km. I increased ftp to 270 at the peak moment and I wouldnt expect a drop far below 195 if I would stop training now. In other words, your basic fitness is quite personal.

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I know, and, as I said, it is OK 165 W for me, to feel easy training sessions and to create the habit of training again. I asked because as I went on riding after the maximum effort, I wanted to make sure that the system did not calculate the FTP taking into account the last “no-effort” minute of the test.