Returning to TR

Came back to TR after a 3 year hiatus - a new small person can do that!

Did the ramp test last week along with the weeks sessions.

Tested low compared to where I once was, understandable because I’ve been off the bike for a few months. But also tested as a head cold was hitting!

In my last session of the week last night my HR was noticeably down on earlier in the week for similar level intervals. Interval ave of 150-160 for Glassy -3 compared to 170-180 Mount Field - my max HR is just over 200.

I knew that HR would be up due to lack of fitness but also thinking the cold had an affect on my test - should I re-do ramp test or just adjust FTP about 5%?

Don’t want to waste these next 5 weeks not working hard enough.


Sorry, should add:

Another reason I was considering re-testing is to change the resistance level on my (very) dumb trainer.

Currently have to spin a lower cadence than I’d like on warmups/ rests because I’m in lowest gear.

Concerned if I change the resistance then the power curve’s might be different?!?!

just do the ramp test :slight_smile: it only takes a rest day before (or maybe just not a hard day). And you could add some short workout if you want. You’ll recover quick enough from the ramp test. And it’s not like your plan will fall apart when you replace a specific workout with something else once in a while.

Better switchup 1 training day with the benefit of better dialed power ranges, than the other way around