Ramp Test Error

Hey guys. Did the Ramp Test this morning and increased my FTP which is good news but when I went to analyse the ride it showed me warming up for 5 minutes and then it flatlined until the warm down. It doesn’t show any of my data for the actual ramp test.

I was tracking it the whole way through and everything was recording fine. Just messes up my tss. Is this a known issue? See test below:


File a support ticket here: https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Support can look in the back-end of TrainerRoad to try and find the actual data file.

Estimate the TSS based on a previous ramp test.
At least you got a result out of it and dont have to repeat.

We were able to get your latest Ramp Test reprocessed, and you can view it from the following link: 12/4 Ramp Test

We’re super sorry for this inconvenience! We haven’t been receiving reports of this issue, but our team is currently investigating what may have happened.

As always, feel free to follow up with us at support@trainerroad.com if you have any other questions or concerns.



I’m in the same predicament. I did my first ramp test this morning and according to my phone, I made it on to the second to last step of the ramp. What’s recorded in trainer road bears on resemblance whatsoever to what I actually did and what I saw.


“no resemblance”

I ran into something similar. Everything looked terrific on my iPhone right up until the cooldown - it was tracking each step perfectly with no apparent dropouts. After I finished the test and agreed to my new FTP, I went back and the graph flatlined after about 10 minutes through to the cooldown. After contacting support, they were able to restore some of the data and confirmed the FTP was what I saw at the end of the workout. I thought it might have been an internet issue, but now I’m wondering. Maybe it’s a thing. FYI, I was using a dumb trainer and Garmin Vector 2 pedals with an ANT+ adapter into my iPhone.

I was also able to get your Ramp Test reprocessed, and everything looks as it should now. Sorry for this inconvenience!

Since you didn’t post a link to the ride, I wasn’t sure if you wanted it public. I’ll keep from posting the link just in case, but you can view the ride in your online Career now. :slight_smile:

Please let us know at support@trainerroad.com if you run into anything else. We’ll be happy to help.