No FTP Recommendation After Ramp Test

Just completed the ramp test using the TrainerRoad client on my MacBook. I never received any feedback regarding an FTP value and the value that was in my account settings was not modified. Unless I am missing something, I assume some error occurred and that is why I did not get an estimated number at the end. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Send a note to Support, they’ll sort you out.


Alternatively, you can review the Personal Record section of your test, find the 1 minute max power, and multiply it by 0.75 to get an estimate of your FTP.

They have some additional math and checks to rule out odd changes at the end of the test, but that will get you in the ballpark while you wait for the official value from them.

It looks like Paul from our Support team was able to help you out! Great job on that new FTP!

For everyone reading this, we’ve seen a few other users experience the same issue and we believe it’s due to the Mojave update for Mac. We’re currently working on a fix for this and it should be available in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that update!


Hi - good to hear I’m not alone although I lost the whole ramp test. I raised a ticket on Tuesday and haven’t heard anything back yet about whether my ramp test ride can be recovered?

I lost my whole ( incomplete) workout because I rejected it rather than “ignored” the resulting FTP ! “are you really sure” ?

Eh? I didn’t reject anything - it wouldn’t give me an FTP result after the test. It wouldn’t even let me click the finish test button. I had to manually calculate it based off what I guessed my last minute power to be and I raised a ticket to see if the ride could be recovered to ensure I get the correct value

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sorry I wasn’t referring to you.
I meant it would be a good idea if the software asked “are you sure” when “deleting” a workout. !

Oh sorry - in my case that probably wouldn’t have helped because it locked everything and I had to force quit. Bit gutting at the time

The TR support guys managed to restore my test - the FTP value was only 1W different to my calculation! Thanks guys

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I believe they screwed something up in the last Mac App update. I had the same issue today where it would not let me select “finish test” in the ramp test. I also couldn’t select any of the buttons on the bottom part of the screen (devices, window, or minimal) after awhile. Before that and since, I’ve noticed that when I first select “start workout” the workout loads behind the introduction screen and that screen will not go away until you cancel out of the workout and reload it. Also the calendar is pretty useless since it doesn’t show past rides and the “Today” button doesn’t do anything. Time scrubbing also doesn’t seem to work anymore in the Mac app even though it was never intuitive. Seems like they pushed an update out that contains bugs and no useable features.

Do most people really use the phone app and that is why the Mac/PC apps get features late and with problems like this? I don’t understand using this program on a tiny screen when you have the option.

Same here on a Mac Mini OS12. Program froze after FTP test.

I just experienced the same problem. I completed the ramp test (my first time) but the “Finish” button in the app was non-responsive. None of the buttons in the app worked. I quite the app and restarted – there is no record of the workout.

I had a simular problem, the test never finished when i stopped pedalling. I noticed afterwards that my wattbike was measuring 1watt while i was clipped in, so i am thinking you may need to unclip or back pedal to get the power meter to measure zero and then the auto-stop to kick in.