Doh! Lost my Ramp Test (again)!

I’ve completed a ramp test with an FTP slightly below my current level. It came as no surprise because I wasn’t feeling it going into the test. When presented with the new and old figure, in a state of exhaustion, I meant to ignore the new ftp number and stick with my old. Stupidly, I pressed discard and lost the whole test! That’s the second time in 6 months I’ve done that! The first time I thought I was really stupid and in between I’ve done a couple of successful tests and been fine. Obviously it’s user error but when your brain is mush after a test it seems pretty easy to do when actually all I wanted to do was ignore the new figure. Next test I’m going to write a big post-it to remind me not to do it again - or try harder to make sure my FTP goes up!

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I did something like this, too. Instead of deleting the test, I ended it without the cool down because I clicked the wrong thing. I intended to ignore the suggested FTP change, but clicked something else.

Trainerroad support might be able to recover the files for you… Have you asked them?

But, I agree, I have done the same at three separate workouts. I usually also log with my Garmin watch so it saved me then. Maybe there should be an option to implement “are u sure” when pushing the “discard” button. Feature request @Nate_Pearson

I didn’t contact support because I assumed it was gone and in the grand scheme of things I wasn’t too bothered about losing the file (I know what approx TSS so can enter that manually in TP and the TR calendar). But a little bit annoying that I’ve not learned my lesson from the first time! But I agree that some different wording or confirmation dialogue would be good

I’ve done it twice as wel. Surprisingly easy to do.

Yes, will be able to help.

Yep, they found it! Great guys

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If you are not able to recovery well every time before your Ramp Test, why not just add 3~5 to your current FTP setting without Ramp Test and try if you can finish following workouts.

For people who have lots of other things to do(ex: taking care of kids, lots of works from company…etc.), maybe you can consider this.

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