Racing two days in a row -tips?

I’ve got two cyclocross races this weekend(Saturday and Sunday) and was wondering if anyone has any tips to help with prep and or recovery?

I’ll be driving 2.5 hours to and then back home(5 hours total) each day(10 hours combined).

Reduce inflation as much as possible between events (i.e., eat berries, fruit/veg etc), ensure you take some simple carbs as soon as you cross the finish line (with a proper mixed macro meal afterwards).

Try to get a good night’s sleep!

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Eat plenty.
Make sure you remain hydrated.
Get a good nights sleep.
Try to limit any stress between the races.
Prep your bike for the next day before relaxing.


Limit celebration beers on day 1


You’ll be surprised with your performance on the second day (in a positive way)


carbs! and sleep

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I’ve never regretted getting a hotel.


Honestly I think the 5 hours of driving between the 2 races is going to take a lot out of you, plus make recovery from day 1 all that much harder. So if you can, get a hotel.

If not:
Prep for both days ahead of time
If you have space in your vehicle, being everything possible for day 2 with you on day 1 - packing for day 2 will be one less thing you need to do when you get home from day 1. And less chance of forgetting something for day 2
Bring post-ride food an hydration with you on day 1 that you can easily eat and drink on the drive home
Do as much bike cleaning / prep for day 2 as possible before leaving after race 1

Good luck, and let us know how it goes


Strangely anytime I’ve raced back to back days I’ve always done better on day two. Eat until you feel sick then throw a bowl of cereal in for good measure. I always joke with my wife that when I’m drinking water constantly between races that those are my “intervals”.

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Recently did three days in a row, last day was the strongest (Garmin bumped my FTP all three races). Weirder yet, I added in endurance miles AFTER the first two races. But I didn’t travel (slept in my van near by).

Agree with most of the above. To some degree I wouldn’t over think it. Get some carbs and protein in right after the first race. A pre-mixed recovery drink is a super easy way to do this. Then just make sure you get some additional carbs in that evening. Having a healthy option to eat while you drive would be smart.

Don’t go crazy though and end up getting sick from overeating. Not necessary.

Well, you convinced me. I booked an AirB&B this morning. I still plan to drive the morning of the first race, but I’ll be staying close so I don’t have to drive home afterwards and then back the morning of the second race.


It went ok if I say so myself.