Double header cross weekend. What to eat?

Next weekend and the weekend after I have double header cross races. Any recommendations on a nutrition plan? Is it just time to carb it up.

Just raced my first race of a doubleheader, ate some ice cream and Taco Bell. My body is very happy with me right now. Carbs are your friend.

More. Whatever you ate, eat more. So long as it is good high quality food.

To be honest, two 45-60 minute races won’t require that much of a carbo loading plan. Look at your TR workouts and see how many calories you burn for a 1:00 workout with an IF of 0.90 or higher. That’s probably what you need in terms of total calories.

For me, it’s a big bowl of oatmeal 3.5 hours before a race, and then a gel or sports drink leading up to the start. Afterward, 12-16oz of 1% chocolate milk for a quick recharge/repair. Repeat for the next race.

I participated in a 24 hour MTB relay last weekend where I was doing hard 1:00 race efforts every 3-4 hours, (for 6 efforts total) and was basically doing the above before and after each lap. I’m 40 and recovery is starting to come more slowly, but I was able to keep putting down consistent efforts each time. I was complimented by my teammates for being a fantastic eater, but honestly had food fatigue by the end of the race. I just wanted to stop shoveling it in.