Back to back races

Does anyone have any tips for racing back to back with short breaks inbetween?

Looking at racing a couple of crits that have 10-15 mins from end of one to the start of the next. Seems to be a bit of advice on here where the gaps are more in the hour + region but cant see anything for such a short gap.

Would people just try and carb up the day before, drink an energy mix during the first race to keep stores as full as possible and then have a gel on the start line of the second.

Races will likely both be between an 60 and 90 mins long and full gas. Will likely try and do this a few weeks running so plenty of opportunity to get it right.

Back to back races are great. For me it took all the pressure off in both races. Just spin around between the races and keep moving around. Slam a gel soon as the first race ends and get into the mindset for the second one. Enjoy the firehose of intensity and practice.