Question on Plan Development for Multi-sport (not swim/bike/run) race spring 2022

Hi, I’m looking for some help on adjusting or keeping my current plan. I have an A race scheduled for April 2022 that is a local multipart pole, pedal, paddle style race. The events are a downhill ski, short run (mile), skate ski (7-10k), bike (~18 miles), and downriver paddle (10miles, ~60 minutes). I’ve competed several times solo, and I’m excited to specifically train, target and go after it this year.

The paddle is the longest single leg, and my strongest leg with a long background of whitewater racing and paddling. I’ll be on a paddling erg machine throughout the winter, thought event determined the structure yet. The bike is the next longest, and is probably my second best event. I’m using TR to really prep for it this year. I will xc ski, ski tour, and downhill ski throughout the winter.

So, I started a long term plan mid-July with plan builder with the target date for the race, and I used the 40K TT as the focus. I’m using low volume, and I sprinkle in 1 unstructured MTB ride and 1 paddle each week. On top of that, I lift 2 times per week, and will keep that around for the winter, I tend towards injury without it and I really like it.

I’m just wondering if I should be looking more at a multi-sport plan rather than bike specific plan with regards to the base, build, race planning? While the sports will be different (paddling rather than swimming, ski events rather than running). Just wondering if the multisport plans might be more balanced for the over-all volume of training throughout the winter. And I say training, but mostly it is general fun-hogging, with a bit more structure.


The tri plans are built around an assumption of sustained power. But I am wondering if the race is actually a MTB segment rather than road? What is the bike course profile?

If the 18 mile ride features punchy MTB climbs, you may be better off with an LV MTB plan than tri.

Course is on the road, in the snowy spring - so sometimes bad roads, snowing, freezing, sometimes sunny, sometimes all of the above! I’ve done it on a TT bike, clip on Aeros, and this year will likely be clip-on aero bars on my wife’s CAAD12 disc which is a size smaller than my road bike. Nerd helmet as well.

Course is pretty flat, some very short hills. So I think sustained power of some sort is the way to go? Times for me have ranged from 45 minutes in good conditions to close to 60 with heinous winds and a snow storm.