Adventure Racers using TR - Looking for your input on training plan selection/structuring

Hi all
I am planning out my training in preparation for my “A” race this year - a 20-24 hour adventure race in late September. I am a very experienced adventure racer and ultra endurance mountain bike racer just in the process of transitioning from a winter season of playing and traing specifically for tennis to prep as best as I can for this late season adventure race.

I have used TR in the past for training specifically for the bike, but wanted to see how other adventure races may be using TR to prepare for the specific demands of adventure racing - effectively a very long off road triathlon (with paddling taking the place of swimming) requiring wilderness navigation using map and compass thrown in to make it even more challenging mentally.

I am currently playing around with using the ironman distance Triathlon plan as the basis for my plan, an then substituting paddling or dryland paddle training sessions in place of the prescribed swims.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice you may have.