Multiple goal plan

Ok so a week ago I started triathlon half distance base low volume, including additional strength and stability work for run injury prevention. The base build and specialty lands me right on race day for my A race, unsurprisingly a 70.3 at the end of June. Swell.

Yesterday however I received notice that I had a London Marathon spot (too good to turn down!)! So, now I have to accommodate training for a Marathon at the end of April while still training for the 70.3 two months later. Being London, I might only ever do it once so naturally now want to change the focus of my training to do well there.

Regarding the plan, the time until the Marathon takes me until the end of the build plan - I’ll need to incorporate more long runs at the weekend, likely at the expense of the saturday longer ride in some cases (though as additional runs on the sunday where possible). When the run takes priority over the Saturday longer rides, is it worth subbing that ride onto the Tuesday instead of the usually shorter Tuesday workout?

I’ve been looking at options and in my mind this might be best bet but would like external input where possible.


I am in a similar situation with some different dates: Trail Running event in June and 70.3 in August. The Trailrun event is my A Race and 70.3 is my B race.

I follow the Half Marathon Low Volume plan Base, Build and Speciality. I ignore the running part of these plans. Instead I follow my own workouts - up to certain weekly TSS (Primary goal is to pursue the cycling and swimming workouts per TR plan and fill up with running workouts). Eight week before the Trailrun event I switch priorities and focus on running workouts and fill up my remaining TSS with TR plans (the TR plan will stretch over a longer period as a result).

I have planned my timing beforehand to be able to complete all three HMLV plans despite a 8 week focus on running.

Interested to hear other opinions.

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