Triathlon Training Season with multiple events

Hi, I’m looking for some advice regarding triathlon training for the season and what plan(s) to use. 2 turbo sessions per week is realistic and very doable for me with a possible longer weekend cycle outdoors. But I can’t commit to 3 solid bike sessions per week on the turbo.

My events are as follows:
Late May - Sprint Tri
Mid June - Sprint Tri
Early July - Olympic Tri
Late August - Hilly 70.3 Half Ironman - this is my A race

I have put into my calendar the Half Distance plans from base to specialty. So is this the right approach considering the other events - aiming to hit peak fitness for the half?
And secondly I’m anxious that I won’t necessarily meet 3 sessions per week and if I do, the weekend longer one will likely be outdoors.

Any advice/suggestions would be welcomed.

Since the 70.3 is your A race, this seems a sensible approach. Does the timing of the Oly fit in with the end of the build stage?

Don’t worry about doing some rides outside - last year when I did the low volume plans I tended to do the longer tempo rides (Gibraltar and the ilk) + brick run outside.

Stick with the half distance plan. You can train through those sprints, and possibly the oly depending on your goals for that event (how hard you want to race it). All of these are still endurance events, and the half distance plan will still get you prepared for the shorter distance events, although maybe not as much intensity to really excel at them.