Full Distance Triathlon Training Plan Selection

Hi Gang,

I’ve been lurking on here for a while, been with TR for a couple years now but at a crossroads for training plans so thought I would pick your collective brains.

I’ve been stuck at a 235 FTP for a year, although this past 4 months I have been doing all of the cycling on the road and seemed to have gone a shade backwards with that although not having lost any speed on the road compared to my previous season. I’ve already committed to myself to use the trainer throughout the 2020 season as I believe the shorter V02 max or Threshold workouts are much easier to dial in that way. Taking 100% of my training outside hurt me for sure, probably 50%-50% in the summer.

This past year I’ve completed the base, build and specialty phases of the full distance plan (mid volume) and found that a good mix of time commitment for me. Actually did some extra of the build phase as I had to build backwards from my A race and had some extra time.

My A 2020 race plan consists of IM Canada on August 30th, Victoria 70.3 May/June and hopefully one more 70.3. I will also have 3-4 shorter distance events added into the mix as well.

So I have over a year to my A race and 10 months to my first 70.3. How should I periodize my training to get some gains to build on through the 2020 season?

The next couple of months swimming will not be a big priority as our group shuts down for a couple months so will be able to focus more on biking/run.

Give me your thoughts on how I can get some direction of the next few months in order to set up 2020 properly.



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Hi Mark,

Come over to the Ironman in 2019 thread and tell us how the A race went this year?

On pre-2020 training I think you have few options.

  1. Have a long break now, recover from the long full distance training and racing, do other sports and activities and come to it fresh in the new year.

  2. Keep racing! Look at a sprint, standard or middle distance tri before the season ends…I’m thinking October could be my season finale. Take the appropriate plan to fit that race…then take a break before FD starts again.

  3. Sweet spot base/sustained power build. Mix it up with the different kind of workouts you get to explore hidden benefits before you season ends…Then take a break :grinning:

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Thanks JoeX,

I fired a race report over in the 2019 thread as well. Number 3 looks appealing to me as I was thinking about some cycling focus leading into the next block.

I have laid out 2020’s base, build and specialty which has me starting the base phase in mid february. If I mixed in some down time with the sweet spot base through the fall would it make sense to do 2 complete runs through the base phase before hitting the build? Or would doubling up on the build phase offer more bang for the buck with all of the extra time that I have?

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I would go base/build - I often see the biggest gains in base plans.

Plus I suspect that you/we are near or have already seen peak performance this year.